Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hello folks,
I have found an amazing spinner who is spinning raw goods for us with several of her spinner cohorts. We are using 5,000 yards of the spun stuff.
I am looking for spinners!

I need to know how much you need for each garment at your earliest convenience. I am visiting farms to buy on the 20th. If you see something local you want to use, grab it and I will reimburse you.

Suzie, do you need raw to weave? Let me know your specs...we can talk in person at mica about this if you are to busy right now to think about it.

Freshly tanned deer hide for belt,shoes and accessories after the 13th (Marie- i will mail it, Michelle/Nich-hand delivery) Our brain tanner Andrew will be at the ICA showing off his craft on the 27th. He is in the wilderness now on a medicinal expedition and cant be reached! I think he regularly wears his deer hide outfit and hope he will be in Philadelphia.

Marie, How much leather do you need normally for a pair of shoes? I am tracing Aa's foot and sending it to you. His fav shoes right now are a pair of trippen's i will send you the image. It is open, make what shoe you feel strong about.

The deadline for everything but pants and shirt is March 1. The challenge I think will be swift delivery of spun

Now, for the Pants,Shirt...It is taking longer than I had planned to get the goods. I am moving the timeline a little:

Weaver and Designer/stitchers you are in a holding patttern. I know you are busy freelancers and want to give a heads up.

Mary, If your warp is set up how long will it take you to weave, I am thinking the warp will be commercial(yellow) and the weft handspun. You can set your warp up and wait for the goods, lets meet soon to discuss. Feb 20-March 1 I know you are busy with tax stuff. Let me know if this shift is causing issues.

Ann, we havn't technically connected, i hope you are in it to win it. Please email to confirm and we will talk soon in person.
Ann and Melanie, You might only have two weeks to cut, sew and fit. March 1-15.

The coolest thing is that we will know which sheep got a haircut for the spun stuff I hope to post pictures of said sheep on the blog.
more news soon.

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Mac said...

Kelly - I may be able to help with the spinning. Could you tell me more about the fiber? I don't spin raw fiber, but if it's processed I can probably be of use.