Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hi, finally!!!

Thanks for getting some concrete info together. I have a bobin filled & will take it off to measure today & should be able to spin the 3000 yds needed by mid Feb.

The white I sent was an example of worseted prepared & worsted spun yarn. It is combed lock by lock in order to spin in the grease as it was grown - neatly packed & straight. Woolen prep allows for more air in the yarn which is used mostly in yarn today. As far as I know there is no mill in the USA producing worsted prep (top or sliver) for personal use. It must be done by hand which I do as a demo of Colonial spinning since that's what the people needed in those days to produce long lasting, sort of water tight yarn for garments. The long wool breeds of sheep were introduced into the US around 1790 in order to crossbreed to get the longer staple needed to achieve good worseted yarn. By 1836 (the Sheep Census) much (most) of the sheep in the SE PA region were of the longwool variety while New England and some other areas ran flocks of the Merino type. I have a copy of the census which describes by county the number & type of sheep in the Northeast along with info on spinning wheels & looms.

I do have white roving which you could use but it will NOT match what Toni & Judi are spinning in color or elasticity.

I'll let you know about how many yards of Thunder I am able to spin per pound of roving ass soon as I get thru the first pound. I THINK I have attached a pic of Thunder (the one in the middle of the frame)


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