Saturday, February 10, 2007

(from proposal)

The 100-mile suit is a literal examination of the question "where did you get your outfit?" A fiber to finish project inspired by initiatives in sustainability such as the 100-mile diet, community supported agriculture, local car-share transport and creative collectives. The 100-mile suit unravels the disconnect of consumer to product by reintegrating and reconnecting the wearer of clothes to local trades and economies.

Our clothing is in a sense our second skins, our cloth familiars, our portable shelters. This project focuses on the disconnect which exists in the most immediate of daily interactions, that of the wearer to their clothing. This work maps labor and raw material, bringing performance art sensibilities to an every day object as a symbol of connection.

have you heard of the 100 mile diet?, Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon's project.

I have 21 regional crafters working with all locally raised and processed materials, collaborating on one grand outfit that the Curator of Lure Projects will wear during an event in March. We are brain-tanning, spinning, weaving and felting. We are making buttons, crocheting underwear and somehow making shoes out of local hide.

When I am not picking veg. matter out of raw wool I teach part-time and costume for Headlong Dance Theater (

wool:ewecandoit( Croft (Toni Kellers)
Rocky top (Marleen Halstead)

Spinners: Marleen Halstead, Toni Kellers,Rachel Zakaiasen,Mac, Christine Flowers, Amanda Evers-Bellace,Caroline Maw-Deis, Alexandra Segreti, Amber-this list is growing as we must spin at least 8,000 yards of wool!

Brain-tanned leather-Andrew Twele.(MD)

Knitting socks: Kristine Woods (NY)

undies/knitting--Martha MacDonald (PA)

weaving shirt and slacks fabric- Mary Smull (PA)

cutting and sewing pattern of men's shirt-Ann Burton (PA)

Zipper-less slacks--Melanie Lester (PA/MD)

Patterning and stitching of a felted vest---Aimee Pflieger Dolby (

bag-murse --Nichole Berman (PA)

Woven and black walnut dyed tie-Suzie Brandt (MD)

Wooden buttons- Kelly Cobb (PA)

Bone Buttons-Michelle Edwards-Longway (MD)

Felted outer-wear: Kelly Cobb (PA)Jen Gin (PA)

Additional support- Megan Haupt (PA)

The larger project will focus on labor hours, putting a face on the
maker, determining the origins of source material, all in all a
critical view/ questioning of clothing products.

Garment/Research is accepting donations via paypal ( support the wearable arts!


Thomas Devaney said...

Your 100-mile suit reads like a prose poem!

--Tom Devaney

robert said...

Does anyone have an email address for Mary Smull? You can reach me at

fhe said...

Locavores and locavests unite ! This is a wonderful idea.

anastasi said...

I loved the project, and I'm a spinner/weaver/seamstress as well and would like to do a similar project. Was all the fabric wool, or did you find a cotton farmer in the tri-state area? My email is

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This is a wonderful idea!!!

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